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GrapeTC Lite 4.5.1

New version of GrapeTC Lite is ready.

  • kernel 3.16 (Bay Trail support)
  • Xorg 1.16
GrapeTC Lite 4.4.3

New version of GrapeTC Lite is ready.

  • changed version of rdesktop to 1.8.1
  • changed version of FreeRDP to 1.0.3-git
  • added parameters rdp_performance and freerdp_performance
GrapeTC Lite 4.4.0

New version of GrapeTC Lite is ready.

  1. added video support modesetting
  2. added store certificate for browser and ICA client
  3. changed version of ICA client to 13.1
  4. added support for the ICA client to access XENDesktop
  5. changed version of firefox to 24
  6. shutting down the terminal after the closing session
GrapeTC Lite 4.3.3

New version of GrapeTC Lite is ready. This version has been added

  • add certificate support
  • add new WiFi drivers
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Did you know ...

"Thin clients" - devices that are optimized for specific tasks and providing network access to applications that run on remote terminal servers.



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